Car Spa is a Mobile Car Valet for Your Car Wash, Grooming, and Upholstery Cleaning Needs in Inglewood

Car Spa comes to you to provide mobile car cleaning in Inglewood. We can wash your car on site, or we can pick up your vehicle and return it to you at no extra charge. Our staff are professionally trained and certified by the International Detailers more.

Car Spa Is Your Complete Valet Service for a Car Wash Including Grooming, Cleaning, and Detailing in New Plymouth

The staff at Car Spa are professionally trained to give your car the attention it deserves. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and will come to you to valet your vehicle. If you prefer, we can also pick up your car and return it more.

Get a Mobile Valet Service in Opunake Including Car Wash, Grooming and Interior Car Cleaning


If you care about the way your car looks, you likely already know that there’s more to keeping up a vehicle’s appearance than a quick wash every few weeks. However, taking the time out of your busy schedule to get your car professionally cleaned can more.

Improve Your Car’s Appearance with Our Car Grooming, Mobile Car Wash and Detailing, Interior and Upholstery Cleaning Services from Car Spa Taranaki

Our cars are more than just a method of transport; they are an integral part of our identity, reflecting how we see ourselves and how we wish to be perceived by others. Just as we take pride in our appearance and grooming, we also take pride in how our more.

A Full Mobile Grooming and Valet Deal: Get a Wash, Detailing and Car Upholstery Cleaning in Hawera

For many people, a car wash means simply spraying down their vehicle with a hose in the driveway. Unfortunately, water alone isn’t strong enough to remove tough dirt, especially under the car’s chassis or to get rid of dust in hard to reach places more.

Car Spa Offers Personal and Commercial Mobile Car Valet, Car Wash, Detail Car Cleaning, Car Waxing, and Car Polishing Service in Stratford

Whether you’re the owner of one car for personal and family use, or responsible for an entire fleet of vehicles for your organisation, maintaining the interior and exterior is an important task. No one wants to drive around in an unkempt, dirty more.


Car Odours Removed Naturally

Car Spa are pleased to bring to Taranaki the latest in Car Care technology, the Ultra Odour Blaster treatment. The Ultra Odour Blaster treatment uses Active Oxygen technology which has proven itself to be the most beneficial green technology more.

Car Spa is a Certified and Qualified Commercial Car Cleaning Company that Comes to You


Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to clean your car? Look no further than the certified and qualified professionals at Car Spa. Our car cleaning company is fully mobile: you have the benefit of choosing whether you would like more.

Cleaning and Valet Services Performed by Our Mobile Car Wash in New Plymouth


Having a clean car has great advantages: your vehicle looks shiny and new and provides you with a comfortable method of travel. Car Spa is a trusted New Plymouth car valet that wants to bring those luxurious benefits directly to you. Our more.

Car Spa NZ Cleans Your Vehicle Using Active Oxygen

Have you heard about using active oxygen to eliminate foul odours in your car? This is a service offered by the professionals at Car Spa NZ that leaves your vehicle smelling brand new more.

Turn to Car Spa NZ as Your Car Odour Remover in New Plymouth

Do you need a reliable company to use as your car odour remover in New Plymouth? Look no further than the highly trained team at Car Spa NZ. Our staff focuses on getting rid of disagreeable smells in your vehicle using special techniques known more.