Car Odour Remover New Plymouth


Turn to Car Spa NZ as Your Car Odour Remover in New Plymouth


Do you need a reliable company to use as your car odour remover in New Plymouth? Look no further than the highly trained team at Car Spa NZ. Our staff focuses on getting rid of disagreeable smells in your vehicle using special techniques known as ozone or active oxygen treatments that are extremely effective.


Problems that Vehicle Odour Removal Service in New Plymouth Addresses


There are many issues that our vehicle odour removal service in New Plymouth eliminates, some of which include:

  • Lingering scents from cigarettes: The smell of cigarette smoke in your car can be unpleasant. It is something that tends to last long after the cigarette has been extinguished and cause discomfort to your passengers, especially if they are not smokers.

  • Time constraints: A great benefit of using our odour removal option is that it doesn’t take time away from the important details of your day. We are a mobile company which means that we come to your location around your schedule. Our team works as quickly as possible so that you can use your car again when you need it.

  • Mildew smell: The scent associated with mildew growth is not one that is welcoming when you step into a vehicle. As long as the source of the mould is removed, our ozone process will permanently remove this harsh scent.


Our goal is to help you and your riders enjoy the experience of driving in your car.


Related Services We Provide to Our Car Odour Remover Options in New Plymouth


We offer more than just ways to remove unappealing scents from your car. Other services that we offer are:

  • An experienced and friendly team: We understand how important your vehicle is to your everyday life, which is why we make a commitment to you to treat your car with the utmost care. Our customer service staff is happy to address any concerns you have or answer questions to help you feel comfortable with the process.

  • Package deals: Does your car need a thorough scrubbing both inside and out? Make sure to take a look at our car valet prices and packages for a full overview of our service options. Is there something specific that you need us to focus on while we are tending to your vehicle? Let us know! We are happy to tailor a package to your needs.

  • Paintwork restoration: Does your automobile need some updates to its paint? We can help. Our team is specifically trained to perform this type of service. Give us a call with the details of your vehicle and what you are interested in so that we can provide you with more information.


Why Trust Car Spa NZ Regarding Vehicle Odour Removal in New Plymouth


With years of experience as car groomers, Car Spa NZ aims to be a reliable name for your vehicle odour removal needs in New Plymouth. We work tirelessly to have your car looking and smelling like brand new!


To schedule your appointment, please click through to our contact page for the ways to reach us.