Car Odours Removed Naturally


Car Spa are pleased to bring to Taranaki the latest in Car Care technology, the Ultra Odour Blaster treatment. The Ultra Odour Blaster treatment uses Active Oxygen technology which has proven itself to be the most beneficial green technology available today.

Active Oxygen

 Active oxygen is a highly-reactive substance that bonds with odours and pollutants and quickly oxidizes them. There are no chemicals applied in this process, and Active Oxygen leaves no residue. Active Oxygen will eliminate odours, attack and destroy bacteria and viruses, deplete harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air, destroy dust mites, diffuse allergens and pollen, and leave your car with a fresh (non-odour) smell.

Our Bio-sanitizing process:

  • Sanitizes and Removes Odours

  • Provides Allergy Relief

  • Kills Bacteria, Viruses, and Mould

  • Removes VOCs and Pollutants from the air

  • Works on Hard-to-Reach Areas

  • EPA approved as a Sterilizer

  • Treats and Sanitizes the entire car

  • Gets rid of the “Smell”

Don’t let your vehicle incubate harmful germs, endure odd smells, and expose you to harmful odours. Our sanitizing service will neutralize infectious conditions, eliminate odours, reduce VOCs and allergens.

NOTE: This service requires a clean and debris-free vehicle. There will be additional charges if cleaning of the vehicle is required before treatment. For optimum results, clear out offending debris, vacuum, and clean any surfaces prior to Active Oxygen treatment.