Taranaki Car Detailed Cleaning Serivice with Mobile Car Wash & Car Valet

Our cars are more than just a method of transport; they are an integral part of our identity, reflecting how we see ourselves and how we wish to be perceived by others. Just as we take pride in our appearance and grooming, we also take pride in how our cars look. The adage “when you look good, you feel good” applies to both people and cars. Just as we feel our best when we are well groomed and nicely dressed, we also feel our best when our vehicles are in their best condition - with a sparkling clean interior and exterior. Whether you drive a standard vehicle, 4WD, MPV or van, Car Spa in Taranaki can keep your mode of transport looking its finest during all seasons of the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

Full-Service Mobile Car Grooming for Taranaki Drivers


Few things in life feel better than driving a clean, freshly shampooed car. However, making the drive to a car valet and waiting for it can pose a time challenge for people with busy lives. Car Spa in Taranaki makes it easy and convenient for you to have your car adequately cared for by bringing our full complement of valet services to your location with our mobile car wash in Taranaki. We offer numerous services that keep your car looking great, running the gamut from basic car washes and exterior machine polishing and waxing to leather conditioning treatments and carpet shampooing.

Our mobile services not only ensure your car’s exterior is adequately valeted, but we also provide thorough interior car cleaning. Our car upholstery cleaning in Taranaki refreshes your car’s seating to give it a newer appearance. Our interior car cleaning for Taranaki residents safely and efficiently removes the visible and hidden debris that comes along with regular car usage. Mobile car detailing services in Taranaki ensure complete cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior, just as it would be at our location. We can also pick up your car and bring it to Car Spa for valeting and drop it off when completed, freeing you to carry out whatever activities are on your agenda for the day.

Experienced and Certified Professionals

To ensure your sedan, 4WD, MPV or van receives the proper treatment it deserves, Car Spa Taranaki employs skilled and highly trained valet professionals with over 34 years experience in the car valet business. We are GST registered, and New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) certified, so our customers can leave their cars with us in confidence, knowing they will be treated with the same level of caution and care as we have for our personal vehicles. We know how important cars are to our customers, and we’ll work to earn and maintain the high level of trust you have placed in our company. We are also a Certified Detailer with the International Detailers Association, so you know we take our job seriously. Your clean car and customer satisfaction is our priority.

For more details on our options for car valet services, give us a call or send an email.