Commercial Car Cleaning:

Car Wash, Waxing, and Polishing Service in Taranaki

Commercial Car Cleaning: Car Wash, Waxing, and Polishing Service in Stratford

Whether you’re the owner of one car for personal and family use, or responsible for an entire fleet of vehicles for your organisation, maintaining the interior and exterior is an important task. No one wants to drive around in an unkempt, dirty car, van, 4WD, or MPV. Riding in a messy, unclean personal vehicle makes for an awkward, uncomfortable experience for your passengers. Having a commercial or fleet vehicle that isn’t in prime condition leaves potential and existing customers with a negative impression of your company, potentially resulting in a loss of business or revenue. These pitfalls can be completely avoided by utilizing the expansive mobile and onsite car valet services offered by Car Spa.

Car Valet Prices and Packages - What's Included

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A Wide Selection of Individual and Packaged Service Offerings

Car Spa offers complete car valet services for our customers who drive personal and family vehicles and for companies who manage fleet vehicles as part of their business. We offer a wide selection of individual and packaged services that meet your car cleaning and budget requirements. Whether we valet at our car wash location, or you opt for our mobile car valet service in Stratford where we would do the work on site, you can rest assured that your car or fleet of vehicles will always receive our full attention. Detail car cleaning, car waxing, car polishing, interior console and dash cleaning, and dressing tyres, and paint restoration are just a few of the services we can provide either as a mobile service or at our physical location in Stratford.

In addition to our mobile and onsite individual car grooming services, Car Spa offers affordable valet packages based on your needs and the type of vehicle (e.g., standard sedan, MPV, van, or 4WD). Our Bronze Valet package covers a basic cleaning of the car’s exterior and interior, including the boot. The Silver Valet package includes a more in-depth clean of the car’s interior and exterior, as well as tyre dressing. The Gold Valet package comprises of hand waxing of the car’s exterior, and our Platinum Valet package provides carpet and upholstery shampooing and interior leather cleaning and dressing. We can also create a car valet package that is uniquely tailored to meet your specifications.

Car Spa Car Wash in Stratford is a Local, Reputable Company

The consistently high quality of mobile and onsite car grooming services we offer to our individual and commercial customers in the region have earned Car Spa NZ Limited our excellent reputation. We are highly respected and receive positive reviews and testimonials from our customers because we have worked hard to earn their trust over the years with our knowledgeable staff and reliable business. Our commercial fleet and individual customers know they can always count on the professionals at Car Spa to keep their cars looking pristine, whether it’s a newer model car or a classic car with some mileage on it.

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