Cleaning and Valet Services Performed by Our Mobile Car Wash in New Plymouth


Having a clean car has great advantages: your vehicle looks shiny and new and provides you with a comfortable method of travel. Car Spa is a trusted New Plymouth car valet that wants to bring those luxurious benefits directly to you. Our mobile car wash in New Plymouth works around your schedule with not only plenty of choices for New Plymouth car cleaning services but also the option for our professionals to come to you or pick up your car for intensive cleaning.


New Plymouth Car Valet Packages


Our certified and qualified team understands the benefit of offering you different mobile car wash options in New Plymouth. Our basic package is the bronze valet. This choice entails a full wash and dry of your vehicle including cleaning the wheels and an exterior express wax. We also vacuum the seats, carpet, and boot and clean your dash, console, and interior trim during the appointment.


The silver and gold valet packages have all the same services as the bronze valet package. The silver valet includes dress exterior mouldings and window cleanings. The gold valet comprises all of the features of the bronze and silver choices as well as an extensive cleaning of the doors and boot jams. The wax option for this choice includes an exterior hand polish.


The platinum valet is one of our most popular New Plymouth car cleaning picks; you will receive the highest level of cleaning services. Your car gets not only all of the other cleaning treatments found in our other packages but also a shampoo for your seats and carpet and the interior leather cleaned and dressed.


Our team prides itself on cleaning any-sized cars with a flexible price scale to accommodate your 4WD, MPV or van.


Odour Removal Services


Our New Plymouth car valet company understands that the interior of your car may need special attention to remove grime and scents. That’s why we offer a mobile Ultra Odour Blaster Treatment. During the life of your vehicle, various aromas seep into its surfaces, including the door panel fabric, leather, carpets, and head linings. We use a non-toxic, chemical-free method to eradicate smells associated with animals, smoke, and any other scents that, once removed, will restore that new car smell.


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Car Spa is an authority on all aspects of car valet services. We are a member of the International Detailers Association and have over 30 years of experience in the car grooming industry. Our friendly staff is here to address any of your questions to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process of our team cleaning your car. We pride ourselves on using only the best cleaning products in the market so your car is always left looking as good as new.